Our most experienced public school educator and C.N.I.S. President of the Rovereto office (Trento), has developed and tested an educational program for social merit; the fruits of this program were presented this year to the National Assembly of the C.N.I.S. of Cagliari.

Normally we associate the concept of merit with cognitive skills, sport, artistic skills and professional skills, but it is unlikely to affect the social sphere.
Educating to social merit represents a radical change of trend: from the merit that is attributed to the strongest, to the most intelligent, to the fastest, to the winner, to the one who emerges for his gifts (but when there is a winner there is always even a loser, or more losers, so the logic of the winner is always at the expense of someone else) the attention paid to merit is shifted to social qualities, that is to say the one who emerges for his social qualities, such as is recognized and rewarded responsibility, honesty, ethical and moral integrity, sensitivity to diversity, reliability, organizational capacity, commitment.

This project gives recognition to the one who puts the common good first and not himself, who emerges because he is right, who does not know alliances to the detriment of someone else, who knows how to respect everyone, who is reliable, who knows how to listen , who has learned and wants to take care of those in need

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